Saturday, February 20, 2010

sites ♥

Hello everyone!
Just a brief detour from my usual pictures post to share two upcoming sites with you guys.
Do take some time to check them out, i'm sure you'll like them :)

This was launched  recently by fellow blogger Emilie (hi to you :)! )
What this community boils down to is that its a web community for fashion, beauty & style lovers. 
Plus, its FREE!
By signing up, you can connect with other like-minded people across the globe, view each others' photo albums, share/gain tips, know about upcoming fashion events, earn gift certificates and so on.

Just take a moment and explore the site, most probably it will appeal to you.
ps. its a fresh change, you'll get to interact with other bloggers instead of the usual comment under post yeah :)
Its a street-fashion website launched by Jason (hello!) recently. 
All you need to do to understand the essence of this site will be to click on the link and go in! 
The site's filled with high quality images of people off the street, showing each individual's style in a really user-friendly and clear format. 

I know some of you may just brush it off as a The Sartorialist kind of site, but take some time to view it. Citizen Couture definitely has its own kind of flavour. 

Have fun exploring this two sites (:
Love !